I have been thinking back and forth if I am going to write about my second month in Boulder. Why? Because simply too many things happened and I honestly don’t know from where should I start. Though, I decided that I shouldn’t give up on what I started. It’s been a rough month, really a rough one. Things at work have been crazy and a part of my mission here is to get things proper and organized. Frankly, I love what I am doing in my life, helping vulnerable people. I have been involved in humanitarian field since I was 18 years old and I love it. Thanks to my friend, God mother and English Teacher Wissam who introduced me to this world through volunteering at a non-profit organization called the Permanent Peace Movement.

Anyway, I faced a lot of challenging circumstances this month which provoked me to ask a lot of questions of what I want to do next. Moving to the United States is a dream of many. But guys its not flexible and easy as it may seem to be. I had moments were I was emotionally drained and home sick. However, I decided not to surrender and keep racing. Simply this was my choice and gotta be responsible about my choices in life. Well, yes! I got lost and scared sometimes but here I am writing this post and enjoy sharing with you guys my experience.

I was not able to keep on track with all my plans of working out everyday and maintaining a healthy diet. I messed up a little bit in that, but I am still trying hard to keep it going. I met new friends, enjoyed comedy show at  a random place in Boulder and hiked 3 times. Isn’t it exciting? Oh yes it is specially the hiking part. I had to hike with my friend Jacqueline, her boyfriend Philip and her cousin Ally :).  I also attended my very first Meet Up thing in Boulder and met the sweet Becky and her partner Lindsey. We went to a community dinner together and it was so much fun. One of the best things that happened to me this month is meeting Dilara’s family whom they showered me with love and generosity. I am so grateful for them. They offered me a room at their place which I consider now a family for me here in Boulder. I just spent this weekend with them and we went for a long hike in Longmont. Not to forget my friend Alex whom I visited this month in Denver for dinner with her lovely friends.

You know guys, there are still too many good people in this world. Those who stand with us through the good and the bad are the best. Like Ginger who happened to visit Colorado this month for work and I got to spend a quality time with her. I am planning to visit her someday in LA next month. Let’s hope things get better and I will be able to make it.

A lot of times I miss my family and my friends back in Lebanon. I just cannot explain how heartily I miss my mom. I have been trying so hard to be strong but honestly she is my weak point in this life. I cannot imagine my life without her! I got too behind with my social communication with my dear friend Amer who I appreciate too much for always standing by my side regardless the long distance. This is life, we just have to move on, try our best to survive and take responsibilities for our choices.

Luckily I was able to connect again with one of my closest, heartily deeply favorite persons in my life. They know themselves very well and surely reading this now. It feels so good to resolve hanging issues in our lives.

Ah girl/boy I am yearning for stability and peace of mind at the moment! I am confident that everything will be fine and the perfect storm will pass sooner or later.

Speaking about storms, today marks my 2nd month in Boulder and guess what? It’s the first time I witness snow during Fall in Boulder! It’s a moment of  graceful serenity to wake up early in the morning in your warm bed and watch the snow falling. Everywhere is just WHITE! Paradise do exists! The only thing that popped up on my mind is those vulnerable refugees in Lebanon who are just walking through their 7th Winter in tents. My heart and mind cry for them and they always inspire and remind me of the ultimate purpose of all what I am doing here. I will never give up and try my best just to keep on channeling support to them.

Throughout my 2 months over here, I learned a lot, like really A LOT! Pretty sure there are too many things to learn and discover in the coming days. This all what life is about, Challenges and Beyond.

I am sharing below couple of photographs with you. Enjoy until we meet again and as Yahya Saade said before ” It’s not over, until its over again”.

To Be Continued… Always!



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