A positive earth passenger, who has strong passion to music, nature, arts, travel, and humanitarian activities. 

Why Earth passenger? Simply because I believe that life is too short to not discover our mother earth, make some achievements and leave our legacy. I grew up in the Middle East in Lebanon to a lower middle class family. My father passed away when I was only 8 years old and my mother-who is a teacher- took the whole responsibility on her shoulders. She is tough and strong woman and she taught me and still teaching me a lot.

Throughout my life, I always had passion to Humanitarian activities and human rights. That is why I started volunteering at the Permanent Peace Movement (PPM) and participated in their youth project to be elected as member of the Lebanese Youth Parliament on 2007

When I graduated from high school I was torn between two majors: Interior Design and Business Administration. Finally I chose Business Administration with finance major because I knew that in my country I would make a difference with these skills.

 My work career started when I was 2nd year university student in a small startup marketing agency in Lebanon as a part-time Telemarketer. It was a great experience for me and helped a lot to implement what I was learning in University. A year later I switched my career to non-profit world and began my journey where I volunteered: The Permanent Peace Movement. My job mainly was a part time social media coordinator and press assistant. During my work at PPM, I gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the non-profit organizations and how they work.

At that time, the Syrian refugee crisis had begun in Lebanon and all the job opportunities were monopolized by non-profits. With the influx of refugees, I found myself working two jobs: one in relief world and another at a corporate position in order to support myself. This experience made me realize how this human tragedy-Syrian refugee crisis- affected the Lebanese economy. During my work at Macarlea Advisory Group, I was assigned to do an online marketing research for a real estate project to identify competitor’s marketing strategies. This research gave me access to some important data which made me analyze that Syrian refugee crisis had a huge impact on real estate sector in Lebanon. The demand increased so the prices increased therefore it had a positive impact on real estate sector.

In parallel, I was acquiring my Master’s degree in Business Administration and was about to start conducting my thesis. I wanted to link what I was doing with the Lebanese economy, so I chose to conduct a research about Impact of Syrian refugee Crisis on Lebanese Economy; Case of Banking sector. Results of my thesis showed that the refugee crisis had positive impact on real estate sector as well as trade sector, however it had negative impact on employment. What was interesting is that the Syrian refugee crisis had no impact on banking sector, because Syrians are not allowed to open bank accounts, take loans or, do investments.
Thus, preventing them from contributing and integrating in our economy which might causes economy to lose a huge investment opportunities.
Regardless of various opinions and circumstances, Syrians should have the right to work, earn money, buy houses and open bank accounts. Just like any other normal citizen. Personally, I would like to write a blog post about this issue taking into consideration different factors and opinions.

Recently, I got the opportunity to move to the United States of America through my last job. Life here is not as easy as it may seem. People in this side of the world are more focused into how to make their life better and concerned about taxes and how important they are to improve their life. Life here is more dynamic and tech oriented. Well, this is pretty interesting because the world is evolving and as Heraclitus said “The only constant in life is change”.

For now, and after all what I have learned and all the skills that I have acquired, I attempt to move forward with my life mission in helping humanity with a different perspective. I want to acquire more knowledge and experience in the field of Business, marketing, and technology to be able to implement this experience in advanced ways to support my mission. Delivering food or blanket to a vulnerable family is important, however educating them how to ask for their rights and respect other’s rights is way more influential. Everyone have the right to educate themselves, but not everyone know or have access to education. Everyone can work, but not everyone have the keys to work opportunities.

Lastly, I always eager to explore new things and be inspired. This is why I love traveling and I consider myself as an Earth Passenger.

Get inspired, Inspire on!~