Chapter 3: Friendship VS Acquaintances

Chapter 3: Friendship VS Acquaintances

After passing through very hard times, perhaps the worst in my life, I decided not to spend time on writing about what happened during my third month in Colorado. Maybe I will some day in the future. After all, I am making it through and learning many lessons.

Today I want to talk about friendship. What is the definition of friendship?
How to identify friends from acquaintances? When trust becomes an issue and how to deal with disappointments? How to cherish and appreciate your real friends?

Let’s start by the definition of friendship. It has many, right? Though I am gonna give my definition today:

  • Friendship is a combination of feelings, actions, decisions and attitudes which connect and define relationship between two or more persons/creatures in various circumstances and situations.
  • Identifying friends from acquaintances takes time and requires sharing situations and experiences. It’s not possible to know what the other person feels about you if both of you haven’t shared any critical situation or experience whether positive or negative, happy or sad. Then you can decide if this person is a friend or acquaintances.
  • Trust is a big deal in our lives. Some of us give their trust immediately, others take years to trust. In both cases, we might be subject to disappointment. IMO There is a way to avoid this confusion. We need to see these people in their worst positions and observe how they deal with their worst problems. It says it all! Trust me ;).
  • If you ever been disappointed by people you considered as friends, try not to blame them. It’s okay to be sad about it, okay to grieve. Try to see the opportunity of learning lessons from this sad experience. I recently been disappointed by MANY people I considered friends. However, I was surprised by others.

Friends are SO hard to find, especially at our virtual Era. Time is not always a scale for friendship, keep this in mind.

  • If you have friends that you really love & care about them, here are 6 advices to keep and save your friendship:
    • Call/text randomly to check on them (5-10 minutes of your week won’t distract you from your life)
    • Be there when they need you. If they call for help, they are not kidding.
    • Greet them on their birthdays. It means a lot!
    • Visit/hangout more often
    • Appreciate the plate you both ate from
    • Stand up for them behind their back
    • Tell them when they are wrong

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