Chapter 3: Friendship VS Acquaintances

Chapter 3: Friendship VS Acquaintances

After passing through very hard times, perhaps the worst in my life, I decided not to spend time on writing about what happened during my third month in Colorado. Maybe I will some day in the future. After all, I am making it through and learning many lessons.

Today I want to talk about friendship. What is the definition of friendship?
How to identify friends from acquaintances? When trust becomes an issue and how to deal with disappointments? How to cherish and appreciate your real friends?

Let’s start by the definition of friendship. It has many, right? Though I am gonna give my definition today:

  • Friendship is a combination of feelings, actions, decisions and attitudes which connect and define relationship between two or more persons/creatures in various circumstances and situations.
  • Identifying friends from acquaintances takes time and requires sharing situations and experiences. It’s not possible to know what the other person feels about you if both of you haven’t shared any critical situation or experience whether positive or negative, happy or sad. Then you can decide if this person is a friend or acquaintances.
  • Trust is a big deal in our lives. Some of us give their trust immediately, others take years to trust. In both cases, we might be subject to disappointment. IMO There is a way to avoid this confusion. We need to see these people in their worst positions and observe how they deal with their worst problems. It says it all! Trust me ;).
  • If you ever been disappointed by people you considered as friends, try not to blame them. It’s okay to be sad about it, okay to grieve. Try to see the opportunity of learning lessons from this sad experience. I recently been disappointed by MANY people I considered friends. However, I was surprised by others.

Friends are SO hard to find, especially at our virtual Era. Time is not always a scale for friendship, keep this in mind.

  • If you have friends that you really love & care about them, here are 6 advices to keep and save your friendship:
    • Call/text randomly to check on them (5-10 minutes of your week won’t distract you from your life)
    • Be there when they need you. If they call for help, they are not kidding.
    • Greet them on their birthdays. It means a lot!
    • Visit/hangout more often
    • Appreciate the plate you both ate from
    • Stand up for them behind their back
    • Tell them when they are wrong

Faithful Friends

Chapter 2: Challenges and Beyond

Chapter 2: Challenges and Beyond


I have been thinking back and forth if I am going to write about my second month in Boulder. Why? Because simply too many things happened and I honestly don’t know from where should I start. Though, I decided that I shouldn’t give up on what I started. It’s been a rough month, really a rough one. Things at work have been crazy and a part of my mission here is to get things proper and organized. Frankly, I love what I am doing in my life, helping vulnerable people. I have been involved in humanitarian field since I was 18 years old and I love it. Thanks to my friend, God mother and English Teacher Wissam who introduced me to this world through volunteering at a non-profit organization called the Permanent Peace Movement.

Anyway, I faced a lot of challenging circumstances this month which provoked me to ask a lot of questions of what I want to do next. Moving to the United States is a dream of many. But guys its not flexible and easy as it may seem to be. I had moments were I was emotionally drained and home sick. However, I decided not to surrender and keep racing. Simply this was my choice and gotta be responsible about my choices in life. Well, yes! I got lost and scared sometimes but here I am writing this post and enjoy sharing with you guys my experience.

I was not able to keep on track with all my plans of working out everyday and maintaining a healthy diet. I messed up a little bit in that, but I am still trying hard to keep it going. I met new friends, enjoyed comedy show at  a random place in Boulder and hiked 3 times. Isn’t it exciting? Oh yes it is specially the hiking part. I had to hike with my friend Jacqueline, her boyfriend Philip and her cousin Ally :).  I also attended my very first Meet Up thing in Boulder and met the sweet Becky and her partner Lindsey. We went to a community dinner together and it was so much fun. One of the best things that happened to me this month is meeting Dilara’s family whom they showered me with love and generosity. I am so grateful for them. They offered me a room at their place which I consider now a family for me here in Boulder. I just spent this weekend with them and we went for a long hike in Longmont. Not to forget my friend Alex whom I visited this month in Denver for dinner with her lovely friends.

You know guys, there are still too many good people in this world. Those who stand with us through the good and the bad are the best. Like Ginger who happened to visit Colorado this month for work and I got to spend a quality time with her. I am planning to visit her someday in LA next month. Let’s hope things get better and I will be able to make it.

A lot of times I miss my family and my friends back in Lebanon. I just cannot explain how heartily I miss my mom. I have been trying so hard to be strong but honestly she is my weak point in this life. I cannot imagine my life without her! I got too behind with my social communication with my dear friend Amer who I appreciate too much for always standing by my side regardless the long distance. This is life, we just have to move on, try our best to survive and take responsibilities for our choices.

Luckily I was able to connect again with one of my closest, heartily deeply favorite persons in my life. They know themselves very well and surely reading this now. It feels so good to resolve hanging issues in our lives.

Ah girl/boy I am yearning for stability and peace of mind at the moment! I am confident that everything will be fine and the perfect storm will pass sooner or later.

Speaking about storms, today marks my 2nd month in Boulder and guess what? It’s the first time I witness snow during Fall in Boulder! It’s a moment of  graceful serenity to wake up early in the morning in your warm bed and watch the snow falling. Everywhere is just WHITE! Paradise do exists! The only thing that popped up on my mind is those vulnerable refugees in Lebanon who are just walking through their 7th Winter in tents. My heart and mind cry for them and they always inspire and remind me of the ultimate purpose of all what I am doing here. I will never give up and try my best just to keep on channeling support to them.

Throughout my 2 months over here, I learned a lot, like really A LOT! Pretty sure there are too many things to learn and discover in the coming days. This all what life is about, Challenges and Beyond.

I am sharing below couple of photographs with you. Enjoy until we meet again and as Yahya Saade said before ” It’s not over, until its over again”.

To Be Continued… Always!


Chapter 1: First month in the City of Boulder

Photo Credit: Mona A Ayoub

Today marks the first month since I moved to Boulder. I have left my whole family, my friends, my past and everything else. It looks like a new beginning right? Crossing seas and oceans, passing over continents, and letting go.

Well, If am going to talk about the first month, I should split it into two parts: Business and Personal parts.

For business, the first two weeks were really stressful and overwhelming, though its an exciting and challenging experience.

As you probably know, Boulder is well known for being one of the best ideal cities in the States for different aspects such as the quality of life, its weather, its people, and its openness. Everyone is warmly welcomed over here!

Exactly a year ago, I was spending my vacation in Nice, France and visiting a person that I truly loved. At the same time, I was preparing and thinking about my first trip to the United States of America. I finally made it on the 23rd of September 2016 were my feet ever touched America’s land. Since then i fell in love with this country. I got to visit Four States in only 15 days. I was lucky to get to know in person bunch of great people like Ginger in LA and my great friends Natalie and Julia in Nashville. In Boulder I spent 9 days and was the tourist. Anyway, my first trip over here was magical. I may need to write another post about it.

Lets talk now about my personal experience throughout this month. I got to follow a new routine in my daily life. I am waking up early at 6 am, working out, having my breakfast, taking a shower (of course) and going to work. Let me explain to you how it works:

Waking up early at 6 am is something I haven’t experienced for almost 4 years now. I feel more energized and healthy for waking up early as well as sleeping early.

Here comes the best part, working out every morning for an hour and being lucky AF for witnessing the sunrise every day with magnificent landscape views. This part is a whole different story! OMG! I feel so blessed for this grace I am living daily. Something really special about Boulder is that you get the chance to see the mountains from any spot. I am sharing some of the breath-taking landscape views in this post so you know exactly what I am talking about.

Boulder is very well known for its healthy food. Almost everyone here is vegan or vegetarian. This is what I was looking for years! Its the best place to start a new diet and clean your body. Since I have been here, I have eaten chicken twice and meat only once. I am looking forward to cut off chicken and meat. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find places to eat what you desire. There are plenty of restaurants serving all types of cuisines. You’ve got your options!

Going to work here is one of easiest things to talk about. People here get to either bike it to work or bus it. Biking here is incredibly exciting! You get to see amazing natural scenes and ride the bike trails which are perfectly networked. However, its hard to use bikes in winter, so taking the bus is a good substitution.

Wondering about the social life in Boulder? Ha. Its so easy to build your own social life over here. As I mentioned before, everyone is welcomed here. You only need to move your butt, go out and socialize. Personally, I don’t recommend using social apps. Nothing is better than meeting people at work place, meet ups, events, cafe shops, bars or even on the street. I made cool new friends over here and we hang out about 3 times in a month. I got to watch the American football game with them last Thursday and it was really fun. My friend Will is going to teach me the rules so I can enjoy watching it.

Speaking about football, yesterday I had a work meeting at the Broncos stadium in Denver which is one of the best football teams here. I think they won the Super Ball last season. Well, that’s pretty good information for a person who spent her whole life in the Middle East. No?

Nightlife in Boulder is kinda dandy. Again, it all depends on your preferences. There are few night clubs, variety of bars and breweries. My favorite place so far is Boulder House, place where I met my friends, and The Hookah House. But if you are a picky person and you’re into concerts, Denver is your next destination.

During this month I got to witness the Solar Eclipse of the Sun which was so epic. I also met with my friend Alex, her husband and her dog in Denver. Not to forget the amazing picnic at the Eben Park, Boulder Creek with Ash and Katie.

Only one thing to take into consideration is that Boulder is expensive than other cities but it worth living here.

I am extremely excited for the upcoming month to explore new things, do more activities and socialize more. The fact that I am going to be here in Fall and Winter is awesome.

So excited to write the Chapter Two and share it with everyone.

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