From 2007 until today, I have participated in several training sessions, workshops, and conferences.In addition, I appeared in international news papers, radio shows, and in a few television appearances. On the business level, I have participated in a marketing research and plan for Cornerstone company on District //S project. 

Features and appearances

9 News Denver, August 2017

Description: While delivering a sewing machine to one of Iraqi refugee families in Denver, I helped the reporter translating, which allowed the journalist to tell Mo’s story. It was an emotional experience!


BBC News, April 2017

Description: Appearance on BBC News in a report addressing trash issue inside Syrian refugee camps  in Lebanon and Clean to Green project. In this report, I arranged, coordinated and connected the BBC team with government representatives, refugees and people in charge. You can also spot me leading an awareness workshop about recycling and hygiene. 


Daily Star – Lebanon, August 2016

Description: This article was conducted by Doha Madani from the Daily Star Lebanon. It was a great and exciting experience for the kids to be interviewed about education. Through this article, I introduced the Butterfly Effect Project for the first time in public.


Denver Post, November 2015

Description: spotted in this article to explain the situation of refugees in Lebanon prior to officially launching Humanwire Lebanon.


BBC RADIO, November 2015

Description: During this interview on BBC Radio, I gave my opinion about the impact of Jihad John Bomb that took place at Burj el Barjneh- Lebanon on Lebanese and Refugees. (start listening from min 00:13:03)


BBC NEWS, November 2015

Description: Sharing my opinion on what possible solutions should be implemented to end the Syrian Refugee Crisis (start listening min 00:01:45)


The Media Line, October 2015

Description: Featured in this article to explain how unstable political situation in Lebanon was  impeding efforts to help refugees.


Washington Post, September 2015

Description: Spotted in the Washington Post to give my opinion about reasons of why refugees were being smuggled to Europe.


Marketing Research and Plan 

Online Marketing Research for District //S project by Cornerstone 2015

 Real Estate Competitors to District //S project by Cornerstone

Marketing Plan for District //S project

How District //S project will solve parking lot issue?

Description: During my work at Macarlea Advisory Group, I had a task to conduct an online marketing research for District //S project competitors. In addition, I have participated in preparing the marketing plan for District //S project. Above you can check out the Power Point Presentation links which show results of the research, plan and actions.


Workshops, training and conferences

Video Advocacy training with Amel Association and, December 2013


Description: Participated in this training for a period of one week and learnt techniques of making short video. Our team filmed and produced a short video about Noise Pollution.


TOT workshop and conference with Arab Network for Tolerance, April 2013


Description: My participation in this Training of Trainers workshop and conference involved volunteering in preparing and organizing the workshop of 3 days, sharing ideas and participating in day to day workshop, and finally attending the conference and giving a speech about the concept of tolerance and forgiveness.


Member of the Lebanese Youth Parliament organized by Permanent Peace Movement in collaboration with the Lebanese Parliament – June 2007